V.A. Outerzone
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V.A. Outerzone

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ここではないもう一つの世界、OUTERZONEへの旅をコンセプトにした漆黒のサイケデリックアルバム。 Salakavala & DiscolinメンバーによるSpecial projectであるNevai Brothersも収録。 ※300枚限定生産 Conceptual album tripping to OUTERZONE, another world that is not here, with jet black psychedelic sound. Including a track of special project "Nevai Brothers" by members of Salakavala & Discolin *Limited edition CD(300 copies), Download --------------------------------- "OuterZone" is the latest off-the-wall compilation from the mystical Japanese suomisaundi label, NULLZONE. DJ Semimaru has carefully curated this collection, featuring searing new tracks from Salakavala, Igor Swamp and Discolin, all of which gave mind-bending performances at 2014's legendary OuterZone festival in Okayama. The auditory adventure continues for your listening pleasure, as we soar into the fractalized dimensions of the OuterZone!" 2014年に岡山の野外で開催されたOuterZone Festivalに出演し素晴らしいパフォーマンスを披露したスオミトランス界のトップアーティストである、Igor Swamp、Salakavala、Discolinたちが書き下ろした最新トラックで構成された珠玉の一枚! ナイトトラックを中心にDJ SEMIMARUが丹念にプロデュースした、ここではないもう一つの世界、OUTERZONEへの旅をコンセプトにしたサイケデリックアルバム。 ※300枚限定生産 ******************************** V/A OUTERZONE 01.Igor Swamp - Nippon Runner (8:47/146BPM) 02.Salakavala - Back To Basics (7:00/147BPM) 03.Discolin- Fluoro Coptah (6:49/148BPM) 04.Salakavala - Up (6:39/145BPM) 05.Nevai Brothers - Nullzone (8:15/152BPM) 06.Discolin- Jagged Stroke (6:37/175BPM) 07.Salakavala - Last Man Standing (6:21/145.5BPM) 08.Igor Swamp - Alchemy (6:16/146BPM) 09.Discolin- Happy Hitech (6:49/158BPM) 10.Igor Swamp - Hate Or Love (8:10/146BPM) ******************************** Track 1.8.10 Composed by Toni Sorsa Track 2.4.7 Composed by Tommy Lauhiala & Toni Sorsa Track 3.6.9 Composed by Jani Askolin Track 5 Composed by Tommy Lauhiala & Toni Sorsa & Jani Askolin ******************************** Produced by Semimaru Mastered by Toni Sorsa Cover Art by Aeravi Graphic Design by Naoto Tsujita ******************************** Title:OUTERZONE Artists:Various Artists Format:CD Album Cat-No:NZCD-04 Release:1st December,2015 Limited:300 copies Copyrights:NULLZONE2015