Anima Animus - Vicious Drinker
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Anima Animus - Vicious Drinker

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Anima Animus - "Vicious Drinker" 日本人スオミサウンディメーカーの記念すべき1stアルバム。 ロシアの名門 Hippie Killer Productionsより。 新しいけど、どこか懐かしい、素晴らしい内容に仕上がっています。完全に世界基準!! 送料無料!特製ステッカー付き! – oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar! (Jim Morrison - Alabama Song) Hippie Killer is proud to present you Anima Animus, a solo project by Daisuke Shiga who creates his goblin magic sound in Tokyo, Japan. His debut album Vicious Drinker makes strong references to old times Goa Trance, forest and Suomi Sound, and pays homage to the spugedelic ways of Finnish hippies and their alcohol induced left hand tantra in the album name. Indeed, the connection of Finland and Japan is sensed strong in this one, and the true legacy of Texas Faggott, Squaremeat and the likes is carried on gloriously in several of the tracks. Hurling and twisting melodies and basslines and crispy wheezing soundscapes will escort any hippie with memory durable enough to the shores of old times Goa and jungles of Australia and fly them to a Finnish birch grove. Add in to the vision modern time amenities, such as quality mastering and ear stroking audio experience, and of course the Russian label, you've got a Vicious Drinker, who will drink you under the table and on into the next universe. ----- 1. Eliminator 2. NyamuNyamu 3. Panko 4. Frog Nocturne 5. Chillum Battle 6. Vicious Drinker 7. Nightwalker 8. Anastasia 9. Melancholia 10. Twilight Zone 11. NobiNobi 12. Oni ----- All tracks written & produced by Daisuke Shiga Mastered by Max Laine Cover Art by Thomas Duchene