Discolin - Hercule Roilot
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Discolin - Hercule Roilot

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SuomiベースにGoa / Forest / Full On / Mid Groove / Experimental等のフレーヴァーでカクテルされたGroovyでPsychedelicなブットイ音!!! Groovy, fat and psychedelic massive tunes!!! Well combined with Suomi / Goa / Forest / Full On / Mid Groove / Experimental flavors under the Malmi style. ---------------------------------- 1.Hood Morning 06:35 2.Hercule Roilot 07:00 3.Dehumanizer 06:16 4.00700 Nightlife 06:37 5.Metamorphosis 06:48 NULLZONE proudly presents the premiere release from Finnish psychedelic juggernaut Discolin! “Hercule Roilot” bursts through with a Herculean barrage of driving, forest-tinted, dancefloor annihilating tracks, all in Discolin’s signature, menacing Malmi style. Full-force, four-on-the-floor head rockers combine with experimental, shredding drum & bass making “Hercule Roilot” an unmissable release for all lovers of the strange & savage. All tracks in 24bit quality released September 18, 2018 Written & Produced / Jani Askolin Mastering / Toni Sorsa @Positivedark Studios Artwork / Zzzz