【NEW】 Frank Kukat - They Can Lift You Up If They Want
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【NEW】 Frank Kukat - They Can Lift You Up If They Want

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The debut of album of Suomisound veteran Frank Kukat. Classic Goa-vibes Suomisaundi with modern soundscapes from Human Spectrum Records. Human Spectrum Records sticker bonus!! ------------------------- 1 Mind Mutation (10:38) 2 In The Forest (7:41) 3 Ghost In The Lake (10:34) 4 Poisonous Berry (8:34) 5 Circle Around The Bonfire (7:48) 6 Decadent (9:17) 7 Relaxing Vortex (10:46) ------------------------- Alligator Japanese audience! Here is a small musical treat from old Suomisaundi geezer Frank Kukat for our distant Japanese neighbours, debut album named: "They can lift you up if they want". The album starts with nothing less than Mind Mutation, a track heavily inspired by such classic as Cesmes' "Kixu-ufo". After the first track the album evolves into more traditional Suomisaundi, where an accurate ear can hear nuances and spiritual traces of Goa Trance and old Thixx'n'Dixx classics. Since your mind is now getting mutated, Frank adds more spices to cooking, in forms of groovy basslines, spugedelic melodies, Finnish UFO stories and traditional singing from distant lands ;) Towards the end, more faster and progressive Suomisaundi is introduced with tracks named "Circle around the bonfire" and "Decadent" and after them the whole spugedelic cooking is stirr fried with low-temperature chill song at the end. It's all squishy, modern and boombastic story from a small town in Finland called Churchmoor. -Frank Kukat --------- *Frank Kukat biography Frank Kukat had his 1st touch into electronic music at the age of 9 via Amiga ProTracker. He started experiencing spugedelic trance later, after buying his first Goa records from Crete at year ~1996. The story tells that Frank was in the music shop at Crete and observing interesting new albums. There was two cds Frank got interested without knowing what they were. Another was fascist punk rock and another was goa-trance VA album Pure Goa. That time little Frank asked his mom to select the CD from these two options. "Pure Goa" was selected for obvious reasons and so the journey started into the world of Goa Trance. Since then Frank has released a lot of material under various Suomisaundi projects, such as Weird Vibes, Twirling Halipa Chuippas, Caviar Ceacers, his side-project Third Chin Vision and now of course Jormension. The first debut album "They can lift you up if they want" was released 2020 through Human Spectrum Records, only ruffly 24 years later than his first experiments in spugedelic trance and Suomisaundi.