【NEW】Simple Hyymor Tactics - Khypnotic
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【NEW】Simple Hyymor Tactics - Khypnotic

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Finland,Helsinkiの新興レーベル、Human Spectrum Recordsからの Khypnotic(キプノティック)の記念すべき1st albumを限定数で日本入荷! Suomisaundi+Progressive+Fullonな音で、 派手さや変態さはないけど、しっかりと安定した高品質なMidGrooveで、DJプレイにも重宝すると思います。 【購入後すぐに楽しめるように、Wavファイルのダウンロードコードをご購入のメールアドレス宛にお送りします。】 Tracklist --------------------------------------- 1.Night Bites 06:34 2.Exploded Nut Syndrome 06:36 3.Hit The City 06:29 4.No Effort 05:29 5.Koo - Oodi 06:59 6.Multi Characterizmo 05:16 7.Hot Mama 06:28 8.Just Fine 05:59 9.Goofy Goofers 06:42 10.Captain Booty 05:45 11.Zombi Joint 06:46 --------------------------------------- The debut album from Khypnotic Simple Hyymor Tactics is a rare comedy special from the forests & lähiös of Finland. This album is compiled from different crazy experiences and glued together with sun electronic juice and oregano. Parental warning! This album contains heavy doses of weird vibes. --------------------------------------- Artwork By – Toni A Composed By, Producer – Kyyholm Mastered By – Wille Waldemar Hermansson Release date: 15 Feb 2020